About Oxford Bibliographies


“OBO is ‘right smack on’ with its tiered levels of information, running from general to highly specialized…it doesn’t get any better than a respected, well-known scholar selecting the best of the best.”

Steven Ozment
​McLean Professor of Ancient & Modern History, Harvard University


Why Oxford Bibliographies?

  • Selective: Expert recommendations on the best works available in each discipline–whether it be a chapter, a book, a journal article, a website, an archive, or data set–streamline the research process 
  • Credible: Each subject area is overseen by an Editor in Chief, an Editorial Board, and peer reviewers, ensuring a balanced perspective with scholarly accuracy, authority, and objectivity 
  • Original Scholarly Content: Each article includes an introduction written by a top scholar in the fields and is an authoritative guide to the current scholarship with original commentary and annotations by top scholars 
  • Seamless Pathways: Intuitive linking and discoverability tools help users quickly locate full text content to prevent dead ends 
  • Customization: Personal profiles allow you to sign in to create a personalized list of citations with your own notes and annotations, helping to organize your research
  • Up to Date and Expanding: A robust updating program keeps researchers informed of advances in their fields