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Now in Preview: 

Environmental Science 

Coming February 2016: 

Literary and Critical Theory

“It is precisely to provide a route through the vast jungle of sources that Oxford University Press launched Oxford Bibliographies

-Times Higher Education


Over 37 million words, over half a million published citations, 5,062 published articles, 6,044 published authors, and 38 live subject areas (1 more currently in preview and 1 more forthcoming fall 2015)

Articles are regularly updated by their authors so that information in this resource is always current and accurate. In addition to updating existing articles, new topic guides are added on a regular schedule to expand the scope and extent of each subject in the library.

  • 50-100 articles at launch per subject (equivalent to a 4-volume print encyclopedia)
  • Updated regularly, with 50-75 articles added per year to each subject area
  • Updates also include revisions to each existing article

Each module gathers together a large collection of those articles addressing themes and topics within a single discipline, resulting in an immensely powerful new resource designed to give researchers a roadmap through the academic information overload culture.

Every subject area has an Editor in Chief and Editorial Board, and each article receives multiple peer reviews and board vetting.