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Damon Zucca
Reference Publisher
Oxford University Press


Oxford Bibliographies started with an open question: How is university research changing in the age of digitization? To answer this question, OUP undertook an intensive research project that involved hundreds of librarians, faculty, and graduate students. From those conversations a consistent picture emerged. Successive waves of digitization have provided access to a wealth of information, but researchers lack effective tools to navigate this growing mass of academic output. 

Oxford Bibliographies was designed to address the problem by offering selective annotated research paths that are written by experts and which guide research by recommending the best sources on a topic.

The program launched with four subjects and 200 articles. Its growth since then has been tremendous. Now five years on, Oxford Bibliographies includes 41 subjects, over 8,000 digital articles have been commissioned, and over 29 million words have been published, the equivalent of 65 print volumes. We now publish nearly ten million words each year in addition to reviewing and revising material that was previously published.

In carrying out this work, OUP has the privilege of working with an incredible group of authors representing 62 countries. In addition to the authors themselves, Oxford editors work with editors in chief and editorial boards in order to select topics and to propose names of scholars qualified to write on those topics. Once articles have been commissioned, we work with veritable army of reviewers to ensure that each article has two rounds of peer-review. All and all, the Oxford Bibliographies publishing program has an enormous reach into the academic community worldwide. 

The collaborative spirit with which we embarked on this project has carried through its ongoing development. This is absolutely essential. As the research environment continues to evolve so must Oxford Bibliographies if it is to continue to provide a vital service to researchers.

Over the years, librarians and scholars have been generous with their advice and insights. We’re listening. Whether this is the first time you are viewing Oxford Bibliographies, or whether you have been involved from the beginning, please let us know what you think so we can continue to improve it.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Damon Zucca